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Financial Management

Our financial management consultants have all served as financial directors of technology businesses. They are familiar with all aspect of finance in the small firm and can assist with all areas from setting up a finance function including financial and management reporting and finance control procedures to corporate finance functions such as fund raising through mergers and acquisitions and trade sales. We can also provide operational support from basic book-keeping to full monthly management and financial accounting, payroll administration and audit support.

Financial management services are provided either on a consultancy or interim management basis.

Company Secretarial

We can act as your company secretary ensuring all dealings with Companies House are properly handled. We can help with company formation and can handle all routine filings including annual returns and maintenance of the company books and shareholder information.

Company Secretarial Services are provided on a consultancy/appointment basis.

Business Development

For many start-ups,  business development activities are experimental in nature as new segments, channels or business models are explored. Our consultants can help to reduce the risk of these activities by bringing their considerable experience to bear whilst not requiring you to commit irrevocably to continue the activity should it not produce the return you expect. Acting as either consultant or interim manager, our managers can undertake activities as basic as business planning right up to forming a new division or making a strategic acquisition.

Post Merger Integration

PMI is the most critical aspect to obtaining the expected returns from any merger activity. PMI  should not distract from “business as usual” and is therefore ideally handled by an experienced manager operating outside of the normal structures. An interim is an ideal way to handle this critical activity. For more detail see here.

Non-Executive Directors

We can provide experienced senior managers to act as independent non-executive directors either to broaden the skills and contacts on the board or on behalf of an investor group. Our NEDs have all acted as board members of technology companies both private and public and typically bring over 20 years of direct experience.

Due Diligence and Valuations

Our skilled managers are well equipped to undertake due diligence activities to underwrite an investment or acquisition. In addition our technical experts are experienced in investigating product and infrastructure readyness. We can also undertake business valuations, in particular to conform to the guidelines isued by the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA).


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