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Software Development

Our software development skills are mainly based around Java, C and C# and are targeted at Linux, Windows and Android environments. 

Our development capabilities cover the range from custom IT developments to complete multi platform hardware/software products .

Projects undertaken vary from the development of a Linux based network intrusion detection system to a custom database for membership data and renewal handling.

Embedded Electronics

Alivero can undertake development of embedded electronics either from the ground up or utilising existing embedded control sub-systems. Our skills base includes 8 and 16 bit microprocessors such as the Microchip PIC range up to full 32bit systems such as TI ARM9 and Nvidia TX1/TX2.

We have particular skills in the development of networked subsystems utilising technologies such as Zigbee and Bluetooth as well as subsystem communication over interfaces such as SPI.

Full firmware development services are included and our developers are skilled in assembler, C and C++. We can develop cooperative or pre-emptive multitasking systems or can deploy real time operating systems as required. In addition we have particular experience of embedded video  applications using GStreamer.

Typical projects undertaken have included the development of wireless sensor nodes and a display unit for a sports training application and the development of a remote data collection system for a  home medical system targeted at post-operative cardiac care.

Web Development

Our engineers develop both active and passive web sites and systems. Alivero developers have considerable experience of effective user interface design and we can provide highly functional graphic design as well as optimised site structure and navigation.
Active systems are usually Javascript / Node.js based but our staff also have skills in .Net, Perl and Python. Alivero has particular experience of developing web systems for distributed data collection typically using web services.

Systems developed vary from a basic promotional web site to a complex distributed data access portal for clinicians to access remotely collected patient status data.

Managed Web Hosting

Having developed a web based service, Alivero can also deploy and manage the service on behalf of our clients. Alivero partners with a number of reputable service providers who offer a full range of hardware and network options on top of which we provide application management and maintenance services.

Development Methodology

Alivero engineers are trained in formal methods. All developments are proceeded by a requirements discovery phase resulting in a detailed specification. We uses UML to document all systems. All systems have a detailed test specification from the outset. We fully utilise module and systems level testing throughout the development. As standard, all projects are fully documented to a very high standard.

Intellectual Property

Alivero's Technology Group also hold the patents or intellectual property rights to several key technologies which can be deployed in solutions for our clients.

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